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Lumos Transforms

Kiara Lee

Services Offered:

  • Consultation
  • Group Facilitation
  • Program Development and Evaluation


Phone: +1-323-254-7775 #111

Time Zone: UTC-04:00, Eastern US

Location: Atlanta, GA, USA (Mvskoke Land)

Languages: English

Kiara Lee (any pronouns with respect) is a Level II Certified Resilience Toolkit Facilitator, Reiki practitioner, and certified in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Counseling for Survivors. Kiara brings a vast experience of trauma-informed practice to their work at Lumos.

For the past 14 years, Kiara has been working to support and advocate for survivors of trauma. In 2020, Kiara started their business, Healing with Kiara, where they work with individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions to heal trauma and develop holistic wellness plans that center marginalized identities and experiences. Kiara is also a motivational speaker and enjoys delivering engaging presentations that serve as catalysts to profound change.

Kiara is a student of Spiritual Herbalism and the proud pet parent to two of the sweetest pups, Marley Alexander and Ashby Michael.

At Lumos Transforms, Kiara provides:

  • Program development and evaluation
  • Group facilitation

“Each word and phrase Kiara spoke was so rich, perfectly describing all the iterations of trauma. So beautifully spoken, so respectful, so honoring of the individual human experience. As she spoke, I thought, if everyone chose their words lovingly as she did, we would have no wars, no strife, no anger - the world would be a happy, bubbly, safe place.

AnonymousResilience For Liberation