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Lumos Transforms
Embody change,
unlock potential,
transform our world.

Change happens when people feel safe, and true safety lives within us…

To achieve our greatest potential, we must change. Yet change is terrifying because we find security in the familiar—even when it no longer serves us. Most people attempt change by searching for safety through controlling their external environment, which is often unstable. Lumos approaches change by anchoring to inner safety—the most reliable source of safety we can depend on, an oasis we can always return to when we face adversity.

Our approach to change is Lumos: the capacity to consistently access inner safety, to embrace the process of deep transformation, and to light the way towards a thriving future.

How We Work

With a wide variety of accessible, human-centered services that encourage healing and growth, our diverse team responds to your specific and evolving needs.

We work with all types of people, from all walks of life, and enjoy collaborating with businesses and organizations across sectors.

Individuals & Groups

Feel better. Be better. Multi-modality and personalized transformative services for recovery, deep healing, & personal growth

Businesses & Organizations

Increase engagement. Maximize outcomes. Innovative, coordinated, and strategic approaches to your most pressing concerns; responsive to your specific and evolving needs.

Speaking & Community Collaboration

Educate and inspire. Experienced voices with visionary perspectives on stress, resilience, and trauma for your project, initiative, or audience.


Create impact. Be a catalyst for change. Professional training and certification programs for socially-conscious professionals and people with lived experience.

Discover our approach and see if it is right for you!

A virtual, global gathering space of real humans committed to the beautifully messy work of healing trauma, unlearning oppression, and building liberatory relationships–within ourselves and our world.

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Discover a new approach to safely and effectively healing trauma in Roadmap to Trauma Healing. Hosted live, twice a month for free by our team of skilled and compassionate facilitators.

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We’ve worked with…

I highly recommend The Resilience Toolkit. Nkem Ndefo has synthesized her vast experiences and expertise to present multiple practices, appropriate at various levels of nervous system activation, for the cultivation of resilience. The work is presented with a trustworthy gentleness, and honors one's response to various forms of mindfulness and tremoring. I found the workshop very educational and instructive, and walked away with a better understanding of and access to vital resources for myself and others, in my work as a social worker.

Sophie Davis-CohenLicensed Clinical Social Worker

Though I’m extremely familiar with the coping mechanisms to reduce anxiety; nothing was working. The Resilience Toolkit introduced me to techniques to help me connect more to my body. As much as I was experiencing severe anxiety; I wasn’t understanding how it was affecting my mind/body connection. Through compassion, understanding, enlightenment and positive energy, I began to make that connection. I am now living a life with less anxiety then I had before. To me, that is a blessing.

Brian GoldmanLos Angeles, CA

The Resilience Toolkit helped me shift my paradigm from pathology to non-judgment. The acknowledgment of innate biological states and the tools offered to downregulate the nervous system are very profound. Although this information was not new to me, the way it was presented created a shift for me. I’ve been practicing mindfulness and yoga for years and I see now that this trauma-informed piece had been missing.

Beth QuayleLicensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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