Simple tools for stress relief that go right to the root.

We all know that stress affects everyone, everywhere, all the time.  It’s inescapable. It’s invasive. It’s infectious. Stress changes our lives in fundamental ways.  It impacts the way our DNA functions, how we relate to loved ones, how well our businesses and organizations operate, even our financial well-being.

There are many approaches to reducing stress, but these approaches may not be getting to the heart of the matter. There is a way to accelerate stress relief, settle your system, and build personal capacity. It’s a system of skills that works with your body’s natural responses for calming stress, freeing you up to meet life’s challenges with greater grace and ease.

Introducing The Resilience Toolkit. 

Quick, simple, and adaptable – The Resilience Toolkit teaches an embodied awareness of your own stress and relaxation cycles. The Toolkit teaches you to confidently implement mindfulness and movement practices that reduce stress, build strength, and tap your resourcefulness. The Resilience Toolkit is your key to a stable, resourced nervous system. This foundation supports you in a balanced life full of wellness, connection, and purpose.

  • We've been exposed to so much physical and emotional trauma in our lives. And we are socialized to suppress our natural, emotional responses...It never occurred to me that my body was organically trying to heal past traumas entirely on its own. It was truly empowering to know one can embrace this healing at any time. And it is a metaphor for how we empower and heal ourselves through writing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift so generously and graciously with everyone here at Street Poets.

    Marjorie Joseph Jean, Associate Director Street Poets Inc.
    Marjorie Joseph Jean, Associate Director Street Poets Inc. Los Angeles, CA |
  • As an educator and coordinator of classes for a major trauma center, I had the challenge of finding techniques that will help nurses deal with the trauma they see every day. TRE Los Angeles held several classes for more than 150 registered nurses. Since then, nurses have reported to me that [the classes] have benefited them by releasing the trauma that they have held in over so many years. We all had a sense of looseness and calmness after the class. It felt natural and easy.

    Debra H, RN, MSN, MPH
    Debra H, RN, MSN, MPH Los Angeles, CA
  • I very much enjoyed learning the simple yet effective body-based techniques taught in The Resilience Toolkit.  Just a few motions and a few minutes to reset to a more balanced body and mind has very much helped soothe my day to day stresses and irritations.

    Melanie Williams
    Melanie Williams Los Angeles, CA
  • The Resilience Toolkit really opened my eyes to the ways stress can reside and show up in a person, how we can become aware of where we are in the stress cycle, and the variety of ways one can choose to down-regulate those states.

    Lisa-Marie Long
    Lisa-Marie Long Los Angeles, CA
  • How exciting to have an effective, self-generated process to access and dissipate stored emotional energy from the past and present! These exercises are profoundly simple and effective!

    Alexandra Pettis, DC, CAS
    Alexandra Pettis, DC, CAS Los Angeles, CA