Jane CourtneyThe Resilience Toolkit Certification Trainer

Jane Courtney is a Resilience Toolkit Certification Trainer, Registered Nurse, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. She holds a degree in Nursing from The University of Michigan and has worked in a variety of hospital and clinical settings in the US and Canada. Most recently, Jane completed Somatic Touch Training for Resilience and Regulation, which focuses on early developmental trauma.

Jane specializes in helping clients heal grief, chronic pain, and difficult to diagnose health conditions, viewing these concerns through a lens of gentle curiosity. Her education in Somatic Relational Therapy and Somatic Practice informs her practice, allowing her to bring multiple, complementary modalities into each client or group session.

Jane has a unique ability to hold space for those struggling with loss, depression, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Her own experience navigating through life-altering events gives her compassion, patience, and deep regard for clients as she guides them on a healing path.

She is on staff at Yoga Therapy International and has presented to The BC Minerva Foundation for Women and the USC School of Dentistry. In her spare time, she volunteers at the North Shore Women’s Centre and Women Transforming Cities where she advocates for prevention strategies for trauma, violence against women, and the inclusion of women in public policy.

As a Certified Facilitator and Certification Trainer, Jane provides:

  • Private instruction
  • Group instruction
  • Certification training
  • Conference presentations and speaking engagements
  • Location: Vancouver, BC

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New clients: If this is your first appointment, please contact the office at info@lumostransforms.com or 323.254.7775. Online scheduling is available only for existing clients and trainees.


  • I had developed severe low back and hip pain over the past 6 months. I understand that the psoas muscle holds a lot of tension, and that is the area that had been giving me the most discomfort. With Jane's compassionate manner and gentle support, I can comfortably experience the release of this stored energy in a freeing, non-judgmental, expressive way. The best way to describe it is as an internal massage, with a deeply relaxed body as the result. Every session brings this calmness. Thank you, Jane.

    Judy Jess
    Judy Jess Canmore, Alberta
  • Working with Jane reminded me that the body knows instinctively how to heal itself, if given a voice. In my case, the body spoke in images and memories that Jane was able to give me space to process. She never pushed me to enter into internal spaces too soon; instead, she let me move at my own pace and acted as a loving, caring witness along the way. Even more impressive was that all of our work was conducted via Skype and more than 3500 miles apart from each other. Yet, I never felt the distance. As a result of our work together, I got to enter a new marriage with more of me in the present, which was the best present of all.

    Kelly McGannon - Life Coach & Shamanic Healer
    Kelly McGannon - Life Coach & Shamanic Healer Washington, DC
  • I first went to see Jane when both of my shoulders started to freeze. I was in an incredible amount of pain and my range of motion was extremely limited. Jane's sessions were gentle and I really appreciated her kindness. I learned so much from her about the nervous system and self-regulation. Jane is encouraging and full of helpful knowledge. My shoulders are no longer in pain, and I am way ahead in my recovery process. Jane's experience as a Somatic Experiencing (SE) Practitioner helped propel my healing on a physical and emotional level. It was a perfect complement to TRE. TRE helped my body release the stress I was carrying, and SE helped me get to the root of the emotional challenges I was having. Experiencing the body as a safe container is transformative.

    Sue Bai
    Sue Bai Vancouver, BC
  • Jane has helped me connect with my body in a new way. I feel as though I am able to hear the messages it is sending me more clearly. Let me give you an example: I was wrestling with a challenging decision at work. As usual, I listened to my rational mind tell me why I should override that niggling feeling inside. Later that day and through the night, the feeling from my gut kept getting stronger and stronger. I realized my body was telling me something important: it was saying "NO," loudly and clearly. The next morning I went with the decision my body told me. And I dealt with the fallout with

    Catherine Moore, M.A., Registered Clinical Counselor
    Catherine Moore, M.A., Registered Clinical Counselor North Vancouver, BC
  • I first went to Jane after experiencing many scary symptoms of PTSD.  I had to stop working for several months as I couldn't function. I had been working with a grief counselor and doing EMDR and felt I was “done” with talking. My work with Jane has been life changing.  She offered a safe haven, which I desperately needed. She was there for me (and continues to be) in a way that far surpassed my expectations.  I feel like I have healed from the deep traumas I experienced and have learned how to work with my body and emotions in a new way.  I feel more resilient and stronger.  I became pregnant while we were working together and Jane was able to work with and support me throughout my pregnancy.  I feel like I can again trust my body and ride the waves of grief and listen to my body.  I highly recommend Jane as a compassionate and skilled SE Practitioner. 
    Sara B.
    Sara B. Vancouver, BC
  • Jane is an integral part of our health and wellness program here at the North Shore Women’s Centre, offering weekly TRE classes since 2014. I have found that she has a remarkable ability to hold and create space. She is an extremely warm and open person; her patience, gentleness, and kindness is really valued and appreciated by those who participate in her class and by our organization. Jane takes great care to listen to and engage the women she works with. She is incredibly generous with her knowledge, skills, and time at the Centre.

    Anouchka Nowicki, Program Coordinator, North Shore Women’s Centre
    Anouchka Nowicki, Program Coordinator, North Shore Women’s Centre North Vancouver, BC