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Lumos Transforms

Emily (Em) Hernandez-Valencia

Services Offered:

  • Administration and Operations
  • Communications
  • Partnership Development


Phone: +1-323-254-7775 #114

Time Zone: UTC -08:00, Pacific US

Location: Oakland, California, USA (Ohlone Land)

Languages: English, Spanish

E.M. Hernandez-Valencia (they/them/elle) serves as the Community Programs Coordinator at Lumos Transforms. Their academic journey led them to California State University of Bakersfield, where they recieved a BA in Anthropology and Spanish, complemented by a minor in Psychology. Guided by their training in these fields, Em developed a profound interest in meaning-making and human connections. Drawing from their diverse experiences in global outreach, community health education, and language education, they play a crucial role as a bridge between the Community Programs, Partnership Development, and Communication Teams. Em derives immense joy and fulfillment from their work at Lumos, as it offers continuous opportunities for growth and creativity, including the development of systems, copywriting, engaging in one-on-one interactions with individuals and organizations, and more! 

Em identifies a queer gender-expansive person, they have a deep passion for somatic healing and artistic expression, particularly through the written word. They aspire to see their poetry published someday. While they have traveled a great deal, their heart always finds solace in California. Em currently calls Oakland, CA their home, which rests upon the ancestral lands of the Ohlone people. Their move to Oakland was incited by their calling to delve into Herbalism as a pathway to reconnect with their Mexican ancestral roots and traditions. They are excited to see the unfolding journey of their studies and the meaningful connections they will form along the way.

At Lumos Transforms, Em provides:

  • Administrative and operational support
  • Community Programs Coordination
  • Partnership Development
  • Social media support