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Lumos Transforms



Join us for an in-depth, interactive 3-session trauma-informed training series designed for Public Health staff and facilitated by Lumos Transforms. You’ll come away with practical skills to identify, track, and attune to stress, trauma, and relaxation responses in yourself and others. You’ll begin to develop the embodied resilience needed for effective embodied trauma-informed, resilience-oriented (eTIRO) implementation.

Workshop content includes:

  • How interpersonal, community, cultural, and historical sources of trauma and resilience influence individuals, families, institutions and systems
  • The role of resilience in trauma healing and recovery
  • Strategies to prevent vicarious trauma and burnout to improve your professional quality of life and capacity for embodied, trauma-informed implementation
  • Interconnections between the embodied trauma-informed approach and movements for social justice and health equity

Choose the cohort type and training schedule that works best for you!

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