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The Hidden Costs of Weight Stigma. “The pervasive hostile environment that marginalised people find themselves in serves as a source of constant physical and psychological stress.” 

The Ugly Truth of Being a Black Professor in America.. “I insist on bearing witness to black pain and suffering at PWIs because the deniers are out there. We are told that what we know in our very bodies to be true isn’t credible. This is a different kind of violence, the epistemic kind.”

100 million Americans have chronic pain. Very few use one of the best tools to treat it.“When you are able to attend to a sensation without fear, assuming the pain is nonstructural in nature, the pain will decrease.”

How Income Affects the Brain. “Growing up rich or poor didn’t necessarily affect the brain health of the middle-aged people. But it seems something about their lives in adulthood did.”

The Meaning and Impact of Community Resilience. “The conditions creating adversity are bigger than an individual.”

Reimagining Black Mamahood in an Unjust Society. “Since chattel slavery on stolen land, state actors have sought to control Black women’s reproduction and ability to parent in one way or another. Most recently, “the modern child welfare system … has disproportionately removed children of color from homes rather than providing support.”

Should You Intervene When a Parent Harshly Disciplines a Child in Public? “If you bring a genuine care and desire out of love and respect, people will get that.”

The rise of restorative justice in California schools brings promise, controversy. “The LAUSD idea is that in three years’ time we’ll just train all the teachers and we’ll be done,” said Daniel Barnhart, who is vice president of secondary schools for United Teachers of Los Angeles. “It is a recipe for resentment and for teachers to not make a change they may want to make because there is no real support.”

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