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I was honored to be featured in the most recent issue of Pasadena Magazine, along with  other “healers of the modern age” from the greater Los Angeles area.  I spoke about how trauma and chronic tension take their toll on our health and wellbeing, and how we can use TRE® to help our body activate its innate rebalancing mechanism and allow for greater healing. For the full text of the article, read on:

Throughout the years of my clinical and holistic practices, I’ve seen over and over again that the main blocks to people’s wellness are chronic trauma and stress. When I say “trauma,” I don’t just mean being held up at gunpoint or performing combat service. Trauma is the simple experience of being overwhelmed—-when our experience is bigger than our resources. I think everyone can identify with that description of trauma. And in the medical literature, stress is being cited as being involved in seventy to ninety percent of all doctor’s visits.

Several years ago I stumbled upon the TRE modality—-Tension and Trauma Release Exercises. These exercises were developed for high-conflict zones in sub-Saharan Africa and in the Middle East but they’re perfectly applicable to our lives here, in that they’re meant to reactivate our inherent stress completion mechanism. A stress cycle involves a whole body response: there’s a muscular contraction, the gut slows down, the nervous system flips into “fight or flight and natural completion to this cycle includes a neuromuscular shaking that we’ve all experienced under high stress. When I’m teaching, I say, “I’m helping you remember what your body was designed to do.” I teach people how to modulate this stress cycle. It’s both treatment and prevention.

I teach a weekly class at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena. One of my students there was a woman who’d had breast cancer and was now getting her life back. Within the first time she did TRE, she was able to go off all sleeping medications and decrease her pain medications—-and this was her own body helping her and that’s what I love. When you’ve had cancer you feel that your body has betrayed you, and here you can find something inside that can actually heal you.

We don’t get sick through one pathway and we don’t get well through one pathway. Sometimes people say “holistic” and they just mean not western medicine. When I say holistic care, I mean it’s mental, emotional and physical. It doesn’t mean I’m going to find a replacement for your Xanax. But we’re really going to look at all the possible contributing factors that could create the state of “dis-ease” and disease that you are experiencing. I’ve found that biology is on our side and wants us to be thriving so I look at the blocks that are keeping a person from thriving. People are incredibly resilient—-we have a strong capacity to heal.

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