Here’s our favorites from the Web in March.

7 Ways Tony Robbins is wrong about #metoo.

National Geographic acknowledges their racist past.

7 Signs you have mild PTSD rather than anxiety.

Prevention Institute’s thorough, practical solutions to gun violence.

Students are demanding more than just gun control. “They demanded the creation of restorative justice programs and measures aimed at protecting students and families from ICE, in addition to gun control measures that do not “result in targeted policing of black and brown bodies.”

Lack of access to maternity care is creating devastating outcomes for this DC community. (Video)

A call for new ways of treating depression. “Why, some doctors began to ask, should grief be the only situation in which deep despair is not a sign of a mental disorder that should be treated with drugs?”

Spiritual bypassing in Christianity. “In our anger-phobia, we shame oppressed people into the compliance of feigning joy. Worse than that, we tell them and ourselves — either simplicity or explicitly — that justice work is a distraction from the gospel message.”

Miss the 60 Minutes segment on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) with Oprah Winfrey?

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