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Lumos Transforms

Marko Pecak

Services Offered:

  • Program Development and Evaluation


Time Zone: UTC +02:00, Central European Summer Time

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Languages: English

Marko Pecak (he/him) is a consultant Staff Analyst at Lumos Transforms. Marko’s educational and professional background aligns with his role in evaluating Lumos Transforms programs and relating the organization’s work with broader social and industry needs.  After receiving his Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of California Berkeley, Marko gained experience creating and managing research programs addressing historically traumatized communities’ social and health conditions. This experience motivated Marko to pursue a Master’s Public Policy degree at the University of California Berkeley. He focused his continued studies on participatory action research and skills to assist in developing and evaluating policies addressing social exclusion and racism. 

Before working with Lumos Transforms, Marko was the Research Officer for Roma Education Fund, a multinational NGO aiming to achieve educational inclusion and equality for Romani students. Additionally, as a research consultant and independent scholar, Marko has provided policy and program evaluations for European Roma rights organizations and published academic and journal articles on social exclusion and historical trauma. 

Growing up within an immigrant Romani household in Sonoma, California, Marko has personal experience with the social challenges of social exclusion and historical marginalization. Marko values Lumos Transforms’ ability to apply trauma and resilience knowledge to real-world settings that can impact communities, individuals, and organizations. His purpose drives Marko to think about social problems and their solutions. 

At Lumos Transforms, Marko provides:

  • Program evaluation and monitoring
  • Data analysis