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Lumos Transforms

Jana Prudhomme

Services Offered:

  • Administration and Operations
  • Partnership Development


Phone: +1-323-254-7775 #118

Time Zone: UTC-08:00, Pacific US

Location: Los Angeles/Chumash Tongva (Gabrieleno) 

Languages: English (fluent), Brazilian Portuguese & Spanish (conversational)

Jana Prudhomme (she/him/he/herDuring her time as an undergraduate at Hamilton College, Jana began working in Administrative Services and Hospitality at the on-campus hotel, where she gained her interest in positions that work behind-the-scenes to create positive outcomes for those around her. She was called back to her alma mater to run Hamilton’s newly-acquired bed & breakfast, the Arbor Inn of Clinton, NY in 2021. After spending a year building out the strategy for the Inn’s continued success under the College, Jana moved in with her partner in Brooklyn, NY, where she continued in Workplace Hospitality for a Manhattan hedge fund. When Jana moved to Los Angeles in Summer 2023, she aimed to join an industry/organization that aligned more closely with her morals and values. Though the Universe took its sweet time introducing Lumos Transforms into Jana’s life, the organization fit the bill to a tee. As an Administrative Assistant at Lumos Transforms, Jana is confident she can enact positive and tangible change within the organization, thus contributing to Lumos’ overall goals in the communities it touches on an international level. 

Outside of work, Jana enjoys many creative pursuits. He enjoys decorating the interior of his Koreatown apartment with local decor and furniture. When not taking commissions, he spends meticulous hours painting detailed insects for the pure fun of it.  Jana and her partner take weekends away to explore LA’s vast neighborhoods and the surrounding landscapes. When it’s time to nerd-out, Jana watches Dropout TV, plays video games, and most recently, has taken an interest in TTRPG world-building, with aspirations to lead campaigns as a Game Master.