Amber RickertThe Resilience Toolkit Certified Facilitator

Amber Rickert LCSW, MPH, is a Certified Facilitator of The Resilience Toolkit, a Certified Provider of Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®), and a Master Certified Therapist in Emotional Transformation Therapy. Her work is grounded in attachment theory, somatic recovery, and the inherent ability each human being has to heal themselves and to connect to the world around them.

As the current Director of Outpatient Services at Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic in South Los Angeles, Amber has extensive experience working with trauma, crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and guiding the therapeutic process to stabilize clients and their families. In private practice for the last seven years, Amber specializes in early childhood trauma, sexual trauma, PTSD, and panic disorders.

Amber rooted her career in social work, public health, and social justice. After graduating from Oberlin College, Amber completed a three-year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand. Teaching in a remote village on the border of Thailand and Laos taught Amber about the power of connection and relationships as a vehicle for cross-cultural connection and healing. Amber went on to earn a Master’s degree in social work and public health from Columbia University where her focus was on forced migration and displaced populations.

Amber currently offers:

  • Private instruction
  • Group instruction
  • Conference presentations and speaking engagements
  • Consultation
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Languages: Thai
  • Location: Northeast Los Angeles

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New clients: If this is your first appointment, please contact the office at or 323.254.7775. Online scheduling is available only for existing clients and trainees.


  • Amber is a patient, kind, and knowledgeable instructor. She creates a welcoming environment and safe space. She is a genuine pleasure to be around and work with. I look forward to more work with her.

    Gabriel Liebeskind
    Gabriel Liebeskind Los Angeles
  • I have found that I have a weird emotional investment in holding on to my stress and tension. So putting myself in a situation where I would release this tension made me feel a little vulnerable at first. However, Amber has a style that balances education, preparation, patience, and emotional containment that put me at ease and increased my interest in finding more routine opportunities to practice.

    Adam W. Sternberg, Psy.D. -  Licensed Clinical Psychologist
    Adam W. Sternberg, Psy.D. - Licensed Clinical Psychologist Los Angeles
  • With a compassionate, assured teaching style that communicates encouragement, Amber guides her students to discover the gentle, transformative power of TRE practice. Amber creates a classroom environment that's welcoming, safe, and profoundly healing.

    Kathy Ebel
    Kathy Ebel Los Angeles