Here’s our favorite content from the Web in February.

Nkem Ndefo shares 3 tools for stressed-out moms in this article from The Chalkboard Mag.

Hypnotherapy & The Resilience Toolkit. A Facebook Live interview with Pierre-Etienne Vannier.

You can’t leave the world a better place without experiencing stress and discomfort. A TED clip about our tendency to opt out of “negative” emotions.

“In the three decades since Prozac went on the market, antidepressants have propagated, which has further fed into the myths and false narratives we tell about mental illnesses.” We still buy the lie that chemical imbalances cause depression.

“People need to understand that trauma is not just something that happens in the mind.” A look at the physical effects of sexual harassment.

Love as Political Resistance. “Love too often perpetuates trauma, repeating the patterns of intimacy and pain so many of us experienced growing up in racist and/or hetero-patriarchal environments.”

Access. Connection. Education. Empowerment. One midwife’s approach is creating impressive outcomes for women of color.

Jane Stevens, Founder of ACEs Connection, weighs in as the US reflects on the causes of and solutions to America’s mass shooting epidemic.

Dr. Nadine Burke Harris breaks down the serious effects of toxic stress on children’s developing brains.

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