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Lumos Transforms condemns the acts of terrorism committed in Charlottesville on Saturday. Our hearts are with the family and friends of Heather Heyer, the survivors of this hateful violence, and those that are living in fear as racist groups grow emboldened in the current political and social climate.

At Lumos Transforms, we teach individuals, organizations, and communities tools that help them bounce back from adversity. But this is not enough. We believe in transformative resilience. This means that the ultimate goal of the work we do is for people to have enough bandwidth to be advocates for change.

This tenet of transformative resilience didn’t originate in a vacuum. It is born out of the fact that a major cause of nervous system dysregulation is systemic oppression. We can’t talk about how to build resilience without talking about why people lack resilience. Trauma comes in many forms, but when you’re up against a base-level threat to your existence that is built into many American institutions, self-care can only take you so far.

Transformative resilience sounds like a very nice, gentle term, but in practice, it can be fiercely forward-focused. We don’t teach regulation for the sake of being regulated. We teach it so that people can grow in compassion and have the resources for sustained action. This means that the ultimate goal of the work we do is for people to have enough bandwidth to be advocates for change. That doesn’t make every client a social justice activist, we work with all kinds of people. But we want to be clear; as racism in America is further revealed, Lumos Transforms, and each and every member of our staff, will call out racism and oppression as a real and present source of trauma that has a terrible rippling effect on society. We will not stand for this resurgence of white supremacist hate and violence.

Our ultimate hope is that a light has been shone on this awful truth about our society and that we can do our small, yet essential part in helping people be resilient enough to initiate and sustain a peaceful and persistent solution.

Lumos Transforms


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