Code-switching, storytelling, cultural humility and more. Nkem Ndefo’s interview on The Will to Change Podcast

Self Care Won’t Save Us “…in do-it-yourself fixes, and putting the burden on the target audience to find a way to cope, the framework of self-care avoids having to think about issues on a societal level.

“Amid extreme stress and a never-ending stream of bad news, we can reduce harm if we remain connected.” The Best Medicine for Confronting Trauma: Be Present from Yes Magazine.


“I don’t want you to say mental illness, I want you to say mental injury.” SNL’s Darrell Hammond story of childhood trauma, addiction, mental injury and recovery is featured in a new documentary, Cracked Up.

Decolonizing Thanksgiving – A Toolkit for Combatting Racism in Schools.

“But I’m not a racist.” How to talk about racism at the Thanksgiving table and beyond from Rachel Cargle.“Part education, part activation, the Me And White Supremacy Workbook is a first-of-its-kind personal anti-racism tool for people holding white privilege to begin to examine and dismantle their complicity in the oppressive system of white supremacy. ”

“Amid all the—often legitimate—hype, sometimes meditation goes wrong.” Towards the bottom of this article, a researcher muses about an ideal mindfulness program that encourages self-determination and choice because different approaches work for different people at different times. Sound familiar?

“We see consistently that the more children are spanked, the more behavioral problems they have in the years ahead.” What Happens When a Country Bans Spanking?

Video Games Effective for Bystander Intervention in Sexual Assaults. “Researchers found that both games had a significant impact on participant bystander efficacy and attitudes and that video game platforms can be effective mechanisms for conveying public health behavior information by giving players an opportunity to privately practice skills that require confidence to use in public.

Video: Bridging: Towards a Society Built on Belonging from the HAAS Institute.

Rewire.News has created an incredibly comprehensive 3-part series on the toxic effects of racism and 3 promising pathways to healing and prevention.

  1. Racism Kills: What Self-Regulation Can Do About It
  2. Racism Kills: What Cultural Connection Can Do About It
  3. Racism Kills: What Community-Level Interventions Can Do About It

“Schools have become fertile ground for anti-Semitic and other bias-fueled incidents — and in some cases, the setting for determined efforts to stamp them out. Educators must strike a difficult balance, figuring out how to address events that have upset students and their families while seeking to avoid being accused of pushing a political agenda.”

Can you inherit fear? “What happened to our grandparents and our parents seems to leave a memory in our physical beings.” Discussing epigenetics at Psych Central.

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