Why Do the Oscars Keep Falling for Racial Reconciliation Fantasies? And check out the documentary that explores the real Green Book.

“… survivors keep trying.” If Trauma Is Transgenerational, So Are Resilience and PTG.

Look to the medicine wheel for mental health, Elders advise in First Nations study.

Excellent suggestions for navigating medical and dental visits. Let’s get more providers to understand and employ trauma-informed practices!

New Study Shows Wealth Inequality Hits Communities of Color Hardest – “But while wealth at the middle falters, it’s soaring at the top. The Forbes 400 group of billionaires now have as much wealth combined as the entire Black population and a quarter of the Latino population combined. And the three richest billionaires—Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates—have as much wealth as the entire bottom half of U.S. households.”

The Real Mommy War is Against The State. How American mothers internalize and take the blame for institutional problems.

One woman discusses the role exercise plays in healing from PTSD and an eating disorder.

How Trauma Impacts Your Body. Article + interview with Dr. Nadine Burke Harris in Teen Vogue.

“To be supportive, start by remembering to not center yourself, your feelings, or your ideas for what they should be doing. Take it from there.” How to talk to someone who is struggling with mental illness.

“So let’s just talk about how impossible it is to keep your life from spiraling out of control when you have no financial cushion whatsoever. And let’s also talk about the ways in which money advice is geared only toward people who actually have money in the first place.”

A look at some of the environmental factors that affect a person’s ability to lose weight.

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