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Artist: Samuel Paden via Othering & Belonging

Beloved, Be Still, Behold, Believe, Becoming, Belonging. An Evolutionary Roadmap for Belonging and Co-Liberation

“But, also, there is plenty of toxic masculinity going on in more subtle ways in pretty much every interaction I have with men who’d consider themselves progressive. I think it’s hard to tackle these larger problems without making it a priority to look deep within ourselves and our friends and relatives and clean up our own side of the street.” Trans journalist and memoirist Thomas Page McBee on what it means to be a man in America today and why men fight.

Sometimes people turn to meditation looking to reduce stress and get something else entirely. This isn’t always pleasant, especially if one isn’t prepared and properly supported. One author explores the dangers of secular mediation.

“I find myself increasingly concerned by the passive, joyful reception of prison sentences. I find myself deeply disturbed by auditoriums full of people cheering for death penalties, applauding the impending murder of anyone marked criminal.” The Conflicted Life of a True Crime Fan.

What’s Really Happening With the National Prison Strike? From The Marshall Project

“Social stress. Lack of community. Childhood trauma.” How depression is political from Yes Magazine.

Photo Credit: Allen J. Schaben via The Los Angeles Times

This is a powerful story  of a traumatized person who hurt others AND a healed person who demonstrated the most beautiful compassion. That compassion has the ability to restore wholeness and offers hope for healing. CW: Gun violence

“A large number of education experts agree that hardening our schools will not end violence on school campuses. Instead, they urge school administrators to adopt a public-health approach, and to treat traumatized or troubled children with compassion and care to foster healing and cultivate healthy school climates—and to welcome community partners in supporting that work.”

“I am afraid that it is this invalid and shaming narrative that students will be taught — a medicalized, individualistic view that locates “brokenness” completely in their “chemically-imbalanced” brains and not at all in the world that shapes those developing brains and the bodies that house them.”

Here’s a great look at why “summer melt” affects poor students more than their privileged counterparts and a discussion of 3 different interventions, 1 tech, 1 cognitive, and 1 social-emotional, that helped kids enroll and stay in college.

Photo Credit: Twenty Eight Ink via The New York Times

Mr. Cobb wrote, “To be both black and a father, is to be seen by much of the world through a haze of stereotypes and half-truths; to be damned by the faint praise of people who expect so little that merely showing up is regarded as a minor miracle.”

“Black mental health professionals make up only 2.6 percent of the field, according to the American Psychological Association. And therapy can also be a financial barrier for many.” That’s where barbers step in.


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