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Resilience for Liberation - We get free together.
Resilience for Liberation is a free, 75-minute workshop for people who want to empower themselves, heal their communities, and transform our world.
Sign up today and discover how you can:
🔎 Identify what is stealing your resilience
🔋 Reclaim your energy, time, and wellbeing
🧠 Develop deeper self-knowing and self-trust
🛑 Create and hold healthy boundaries
💗 Cultivate more compassion and connection

Resilience for Liberation introduces you to a framework for healing and change that…

  • Acknowledges the family, cultural, economic, and political systems that are causing stress, trauma, and isolation for so many
  • Empowers you to set healthy boundaries and make resilient moves
“I want to be resilient, and I want the world to be soft and gentle.”
– Nkem Ndefo

Sign up for a free upcoming class.

Two sessions to choose from every week.

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In Resilience for Liberation, you’ll learn how to be more compassionate with yourself and others and how to develop a flexible strength to overcome challenges.
From this safe and settled place, we are more capable of recognizing the underlying causes of stress and trauma in our lives and changing those systems of adversity.

The concepts presented are so valuable, especially at this time in history. As a BIPOC woman, this content really resonated and I want to share it with other BIPOC femmes in my life.

Sarah C. Hernandez

I was soaking in every word. This felt like the "key" to unlocking ways of being, ongoing healing, and the collective transformation that is deeply needed

- Ti Wilhelm

The analysis of what individual resilience can and can't accomplish in the midst of toxic systems was SO POWERFUL.


From beginning to end it felt like the space was led with compassion and openness paired with a holding and direction. I was touched by the deep acknowledgment of what is wrong in the systems we live in, and what is not possible in oppressive systems, while still giving tools for healing. Hope that is rooted in reality.

Noa Yammer


Who is Resilience for Liberation for?

This session is for people who want to create positive change in themselves, their families, their communities, their workplaces, and the world.

What does it cost to attend Resilience for Liberation?

Resilience for Liberation is completely free for everyone. There is no catch. You’ll provide your email to get the Zoom link and can decide whether or not you want to join the Lumos Transforms email list.

Is the session recorded?

No. Each session happens live on Zoom, and no recordings are provided.

Can I attend more than once?

Sure! We’ve heard from past participants that they enjoyed taking the session with different Facilitators to better understand the material from different perspectives.

Who created Resilience for Liberation?

Resilience for Liberation was created by Nkem Ndefo, the founder of Lumos Transforms and creator of The Resilience Toolkit. The class is facilitated on a rotating schedule by Certified Facilitators of The Resilience Toolkit on staff at Lumos Transforms.

Why are you doing this?

We believe another world is possible. And we need ideas, tools, and connection to get there. This offering is our way of illuminating the path to liberation.

Is Resilience for Liberation a sales pitch for something else?

Nope. If you’d like to continue to learn with us following Resilience for Liberation, you can join an Introduction to The Resilience Toolkit series; it’s an offer, not an ask. Those classes are $180/person for a 3-week series and we have a generous scholarship program. Some people join us in our weekly Practice Group program following an Intro Series. And some folks go on to pursue Certification. That’s about it!

I attended Anchoring Resilience, took an Intro series, or am already Certified, should I still attend?

Absolutely. Resilience for Liberation is a completely new offering. It builds on Anchoring Resilience and distills the framework presented in an Intro series. Folks who are already Certified will gain from the clarity in this session and can use this to improve their facilitation and outreach.

Can my group attend Resilience for Liberation?

Yes! We love seeing groups in our sessions. Sign up with your family, friends, co-workers, allies, etc. If you’d prefer a private session for your group, please reach out to us at

My organization desperately needs this. Can you help?

Definitely. We work with groups, organizations, and businesses of every size and across many sectors. Contact us at and we will be happy to meet with you to discuss your organization’s needs.

Do you do media and speaking?

Lumos has an incredible lineup of experienced speakers who can present expertly on a variety of topics including, but not limited to: stress, resilience, trauma, embodiment, change work, and EDIA (equity, diversity, inclusion, and antiracism). Contact our Director of Communications at to discuss your event.

Sign up for a free upcoming class.

Two sessions to choose from every week.

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