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TRE Provider Pierre-Etienne Vannier

On Thursday, February 2, 2017, TRE Los Angeles provider Pierre-Etienne Vannier presented to physicians, staff, and trainees at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine.

In a talk entitled, “Facilitating Healing & Post-Traumatic Growth for Victims of Stress/Trauma using Mind-Body Practices,” Pierre-Etienne shared how somatic modalities like TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises) can help medical professionals improve treatment outcomes and quality of life for patients suffering from a variety of concerns. According to Dr. Felitti and Dr. Anda’s groundbreaking “Adverse Childhood Experiences” study, patients who seek medical help for conditions such as chronic disease or chronic pain are likely to have a history of trauma. More and more, healthcare providers are beginning to look at the core issues of stress and trauma and implement integrative solutions into their treatment plans. TRE is an evidence-informed tool for addressing trauma at its physical root, and Pierre-Etienne offered a compelling argument for broadening treatment strategies to include TRE.

Pierre-Etienne Vannier and Dr. Felicia Yu

At TRE Los Angeles we are dedicated to measuring our impact. Whether it’s feedback from participants in our community programs or research-grade analysis of our organizational work. We want to ensure that our presentations, classes, and programs are effective. So we are happy to report that after this presentation, 73% of the attendees were interested in learning more and requested an experiential session on the therapeutic tremor. Pierre-Etienne is now in talks with UCLA Center for East-West Medicine to bring a TRE workshop, specifically designed to address the needs and interests of these medical professionals.

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“Pierre gave a fascinating talk at the UCLA Center for East-West on mind body therapies that are increasingly recognized as having an integral role in trauma recovery. Using his extensive experience with people who have experienced trauma, Pierre gave us insight into the process of recovery and rebuilding resilience from both a theoretical and practical perspective. We hope that he will return to teach us more about this exciting and important work!”

– Annie Zhang, MD

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