Emotional contagion and how one well-regulated person (or non-regulated person!) can create a ripple effect both in-person and online.

“When you experience stressful events, whether personal (waiting for a medical diagnosis) or public (political turmoil), a physiological change is triggered that can cause you to take in any sort of warning and become fixated on what might go wrong.”

Non-White School Districts Get $23 Billion Less Funding Than White Ones. “A new report finds that funding gaps between white and non-white districts persist across all poverty levels.”

“When study participants moved to low-poverty neighborhoods, they reported feeling safer, less depressed, and less anxious—in other words, less stressed.” Why Living in a Poor Neighborhood Can Change Your Biology.

New research suggests that the adult brain can grow new neurons, with possible implications for the treatment of mood disorders, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, and epilepsy.

CA Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris advocates for a truly holistic approach to preventing and mitigating the effects of adverse childhood experiences at a lecture at University Hospitals.

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