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At Lumos Transforms one of our guiding principles is community stewardship – to uplift communities by making our resilience-building programs accessible to people who need them. In trying to reach those who are suffering from the symptoms and effects of stress, we are mindful of the accessibility challenges people face when it comes to getting help, namely location and cost.

As we embarked on the transition from TRE Los Angeles to Lumos Transforms, we wanted to more fully respond to accessibility barriers. So today, we are very excited to announce the implementation of two changes to our signature community program, The Resilience Toolkit.

First, we are expanding our reach into local Los Angeles communities by bringing The Toolkit to People’s Yoga in East LA in October and at La Maida Institute in North Hollywood in November. By varying our locations for The Resilience Toolkit, we’re reaching further into Los Angeles neighborhoods and making it easier for people to get to us. The new locations allow us to reach a more diverse cross-section of Angelenos while providing our more devoted attendees more location options.

We are mindful that every neighborhood is not only culturally but economically unique. We’ve seen amazing organizations like Every Table, price their products according to what neighborhoods could afford, and wondered if we could follow suit. We’re only effective if we can reach people, and we can reach more people when they can afford our services.

So from here on out, the cost of our signature, 3-part series, The Resilience Toolkit will be priced according to the median income of the host location and surrounding 4 zip codes. At People’s Yoga, for instance, participants will pay $126 for three classes, and at La Maida, the fee will be $185. This model is responsive to the needs of the communities we serve. As always, we will continue to reserve scholarships for people who want to attend, but don’t have the means. All they need to do is ask!

Our online version of The Resilience Toolkit is priced at $129 and is accessible to people all over the world.

This principle of community stewardship extends into our organizational work as well. We partner with everything from small nonprofits to huge corporations, offering a sliding scale based on the needs and resources of the organizations we work with. We meet every organization where they are, so we are able to develop programs that greatly benefit employees, customers, and often the bottom line, no matter the size of the wellness budget.

We’re proud to offer tools and strategies for building resilience that are accessible to all communities. We’d love to hear what you think of this community stewardship model. Have you seen other companies implementing strategies like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Sandra fraser

    This is so exciting. I am so proud to be working with you. You are transforming the world one step at a time.

    • trelosangeles

      Thank you, Sandra!

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