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Transformative approaches that foster equity, nurture connection, and inspire innovation.
Los Angeles County Health Services
Community-engaged Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Antiracism strategic planning for the second largest safety net healthcare system in the U.S.
Embodied Trauma-Informed and Resilience-Oriented capacity building and organizational development for a nonprofit empowering California parole applicants with legal and mental health support, advocacy, and peer-led programming.
Building resilience for multifaith hospital chaplains navigating grief and loss during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lumos’ leadership and mentorship were invaluable in empowering and encouraging us to face challenges, think out of the box, and achieve the impossible.

Mojgan Bashiri, DNP, RN, MHANursing Director, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

This journey could not have been facilitated by any other consulting firm. The team was personable, selfless, and went far beyond the extra mile to ensure each of us felt heard, were seen, and validated by our personal and collective thoughts and beliefs to get us where we have arrived.

Renee WilliamsContracts and Monitoring Manager, Housing for Health

It was truly a special opportunity to work with Lumos this last year. I found the experience validating, inspiring and powerful. I look forward to building on the work that we as a collective created and using the TIRO principals as a gentle reminder of self healing/change.

Isadora RomeroClinical Social Work Supervisor II, Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Lumos’ insights have made a difference in our individual hearts, if not the entire system. Many have voices where they never thought they would, and those voices come with new ideas that will succeed.

Jennifer MorrisonAdministrator, Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center


Our bespoke, expansive solutions help clients build systems that grow capacity and nurture connection. Using a values-based approach, we co-create a more just and equitable world where everyone can thrive.
  • We consider both process and outcome as crucial factors for achieving sustainable results.
  • We address individuals’ physical, mental, and emotional well-being, as well as the culture and systems in which they operate.
  • We take a structural, systemic, and relational approach to addressing problems, recognizing that all three areas need to be worked on simultaneously.
  • We co-create spaces that are inclusive and equitable for all, centering the voices and experiences of those who have been historically marginalized.
  • We challenge the status quo and support our clients in creating systemic changes that promote justice and liberation.
  • We emphasize the importance of building strong, positive relationships between team members and between staff and leadership.
  • We recognize that many organizational problems are rooted in relational issues exacerbated by systems that are undernourishing, taxing, and punitive.
  • We hold that people build structures and systems, and that if these structures and systems are not rooted in values and safety, they will influence the organization’s overall culture.
  • We emphasize the importance of creating a sense of safety and security for individuals to engage in the work of the organization fully.
  • We recognize that psychological safety is a lived experience that is held in the body and cannot be created by policies alone.
  • We utilize somatic practices and embodiment techniques to help individuals access and engage with their own physical experience and increase awareness of their body’s responses.
  • We work with clients to create physical spaces that are supportive of well-being and wellness, including spaces for movement and rest.
  • We prioritize real, measurable outcomes over the optics of wellness.
  • We identify clients’ specific needs and strengths to create solutions that are specific and responsive.
  • We track progress and adjust strategies to achieve sustainable and transformative change.

In LA County we are witnessing an alarming number of releases in reentry. The people are not numbers. They are human beings who have served their mandated sentences and have no where to go. Skid Row DTLA has already reported [COVID-19] cases in the most marginalized community. I look to the Lumos team for ways to cope. This training is to help essential workers and peers, grassroots organizations, and anyone who is being affected by this pandemic. Thank you, Lumos. This is life-changing.

Sarah WilshinskyCo-chair, IBH committee at The Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership

I strongly recommend Lumos Transforms to any organization or community in search of support. Lumos Transforms is dynamic, thoughtful, evidence-based, and collaborative. The entire team lives the mission of the organization to create a lasting impact on those they work with.

Alison BravoFounder and former Director, Empower Generations

The Resilience Toolkit empowered my team to draw from many options to appropriately, quickly and easily address what they need to recover from stress. Nkem is a powerful leader, teacher and healer who has put together something vital and important. I am excited to see her work touch more people. I highly recommend the Resilience Toolkit if you're a human being.

Alissa GaugerPresident, Unleash Your Practice


We build customized solutions that prioritize connection and collaboration. No matter the challenges you are facing, our relational approach to organizational development cultivates strong, cohesive teams united by a shared sense of purpose, aligned around common values, and capable of supporting sustained growth.  
Our focus on the human element helps grow empathy and compassion between workforce and leadership, and weaves mutual respect into the fabric of your systems. Over time, staff members are able to access a greater sense of creativity and ownership, and leadership teams spend less time managing the impacts of employee disengagement and turnover. 
Building on a deep data-driven understanding of your unique strengths and challenges, we leverage innovative, research-based approaches to grow stability and resilience in your workforce, maximizing your impact in the world.

Capacity Building for Positive Change

  • Prepare for change initiatives by supporting team members with trauma-informed, resilience-oriented frameworks that reduce stress and increase wellbeing.
  • Improve team dynamics and communication through initiatives that increase empathy and connection.
  • Facilitate transformative learning experiences with bespoke educational programs, training, and mentoring.

Equity-Focused Organizational Development

  • Challenge the status quo with change initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Create an atmosphere of healthy interdependence through education, policy development, capacity building, and culture change.
  • Address systemic oppression with approaches that examine power dynamics and elevate historically marginalized voices.

Transformational Leadership Consulting

  • Develop leaders who are values-centered, mission-driven, and burnout-resistant.
  • Inspire and empower leaders to help their teams to achieve their full potential and create meaningful change.
  • Provide thought partnership and guidance to help leaders engage challenges and envision opportunities.

Nurturing Workplace Culture

  • Prioritize employee wellbeing, engagement, and growth with programs that reduce stress, foster resilience and facilitate positive change.
  • Resolve conflicts and repair harm with relational approaches that promote accountability and healing.
  • Respond to critical incidents through an embodied trauma-informed and resilience-oriented lens.


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