When I first stumbled upon TRE, I had no idea that it would connect me with practitioners and communities across the globe. What an honor to collaborate with colleagues as diverse as a counselor and corporate coach who organized a large-scale humanitarian TRE project in the Philippines after Typhoon Yolanda, a physician teaching in South African orphanages and governmental departments, and, most spectacularly, TRE founder David Berceli, bringing TRE from South Sudan to China.

There is something so magical in realizing that all of us are committed to reconnecting people to their own healing potential. TRE is truly a global movement.

In the words of a trainer who brought TRE to a small Colombian community in the throes of serious armed conflict, “This is a peace proposal from the inside.”


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  • trelosangeles

    There is a fundraising campaign to train more TRE providers in this beautiful Colombian project. Please support them: http://www.sumame.co/es/TREPUTUMAYO

  • Kimberley Kaiser

    tears… this is an amazing testimonial of a vibrant, life giving work. Blessings and bliss…

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