Ranjana AriaratnamCertified TRE Provider

I believe that we all have the power to transform into wholeness – and practices such as TRE help us to build our resilience, tap into our inner wisdom, heal ourselves, and realize more of our own deep potential.

Ranjana (Ranji) Ariaratnam is passionate about holding space for people who want to deepen their self-care and to heal themselves, whether from the stresses of daily life or the repercussions of more momentous events. After spending years overseas as a humanitarian aid worker in more than 10 countries, Ranji was searching for practices that were transformative and could address the conditions which led people to be displaced by wars in the first place. This search led her to NVC (Nonviolent Communication) which then led her to TRE. In TRE, Ranji found a method for addressing deeply held tension and pain which complements very well her practices of NVC, yoga and Vipassana meditation.

Ranji has shared TRE & NVC in Northern Sri Lanka to support people there recovering from the war. In addition to her work in North America, she intends to continue working in other war-affected regions of the world bringing together her previous experience as a humanitarian aid worker with her TRE & NVC training in order to support traumatized communities, frontline workers, and local TRE providers –addressing in particular intergenerational trauma which she sees as at the base of so much of the violence in the world.

As a Certified TRE Provider, Ranji provides:

  • Private instruction
  • Group instruction
  • Languages: French, Tamil
  • Location: Chico, CA and Vancouver, BC

Ranjana is on hiatus until 2/1/2018.

Ranjana will be unavailable for private sessions until early next year. If you need to reach her, please contact the office at info@lumostransforms.com or 323.254.7775.


  • I had been able to get the tremors going on my own, but working on Skype with Ranji took this practice to a new level for me. She invited and guided me in moving into different positions to find deeper levels of comfort and allow tremors to travel into new areas and with more fluidity. She sometimes called my attention to my breath. Even though I’m familiar with trusting my body’s wisdom and regularly practice it in my life, her discerning witness to my process sweetly supported me to embrace more fully the empowerment that comes from truly respecting life as it flows through me. Ranji is a superb witness and sensitive coach. Several years after I was introduced to TRE, my home and half the homes in my community burned in a wildfire. Ranji reminded me to shake. This made a huge difference to my ability to release the initial shock, integrate other forms of healing that were supporting me, and to let each opportunity of spontaneous tremoring complete itself on the spot. Six months later, I gratefully turn to shaking when the uncertainty of my future overwhelms my ability to take the next step in rebuilding my life.

    Susan Holper, Mediator and Body-Mind Practitioner
    Susan Holper, Mediator and Body-Mind Practitioner Mountain Ranch, CA
  • The combined TRE and NVC practices that I have learned from Ranji, supported by her calm and patient presence, have helped me identify and meet my own needs and release trauma from the various levels of my self. Plus, I have hope of not passing this trauma on to my children, and tools for supporting them in their healing as well!

    Cheryl Burdick
    Cheryl Burdick Vancouver, BC
  • Ranji provides a supportive, safe, and extremely comfortable environment (in which) to learn, heal, and practice self-connection. After I leave, I feel very at peace, revitalized, re-energized, calmer, happier, and truly like I am making progress in my quest to become more self-connected, as well as a better parent and a better human being. TRE has helped with my body pain and helps me feel relaxed and rested, calm and at peace. It is most definitely a way to care for yourself. Great for the physical body and the mind!

    Angela Erquicia
    Angela Erquicia Vancouver, BC