Community Stewardship

At Lumos Transforms one of our guiding principles is community stewardship – to uplift communities by making our resilience-building programs accessible to people who need them. In trying to [...]

Repeat Performances

This is the story of how a follow-up ended up becoming the first of its kind. Back in the fall of 2015, TRE LA was contracted by a large community behavioral health organization to design and run [...]

10 Weeks to Resilience

As TRE Providers, we see powerful results on a regular basis, but nothing speaks louder than hard data. We recently conducted a 10-week program for 74 clinical and administrative staff at a [...]

TRE LA East Coast Tour – Part Two

The second leg of our East Coast tour showcased the breadth of TRE applications – from injury rehabilitation to international peace-building. [Learn about our time in Boston]. Starting in New [...]

TRE LA East Coast Tour

The genesis of this trip came from two requests, one to teach a workshop in New York and the other for a staff training in Washington DC. Seeing the calendar align, we decided to make a [...]

What About You?

December can seem like such a sprint; many of us are worn down by both the festive demands of the holidays, as well the intensity of emotions that can emerge this time of year. Add to that the [...]

Getting Unstuck

I reached out to the folks at Unstuckable, a podcast and online community for people who have found their own paths and are working on their own terms. What followed was a great connection where [...]

TRE as a Global Peace Movement

When I first stumbled upon TRE, I had no idea that it would connect me with practitioners and communities across the globe. What an honor to collaborate with colleagues as diverse as a counselor [...]

Slings and Arrows

After a traumatic event, one of the most common responses is to question. “Why? Why did this happen? Why did this happen to me?” This reminds me of the Buddhist parable in which a man is struck [...]

As Below, So Above

As I was filling a pot of water from the filter at my kitchen sink, I thought how easy this is. People all over the world struggle to find sources of clean water and then haul it to their homes. [...]

Get over it! Get used to it! Suck it up!

The first baby I ever saw born had no eyeballs. At first everyone looked at her perfect chubby face and assumed her eyes were closed, but it wasn’t long before it was obvious that she had no [...]