As I was filling a pot of water from the filter at my kitchen sink, I thought how easy this is. People all over the world struggle to find sources of clean water and then haul it to their homes. Water is heavy; that hauling is no small deal.

And then my mind jumped to how my life is hard in other places. Since I’ve got the water piece down, apparently I can’t accept that easiness and have to go make struggle somewhere else. It happens over and over. I learn something or fix a problem, and then go searching for the next thing to tackle. Why can’t I just sit in the doneness, completion, and ease? Probably because I have dis-ease in my own being. Essentially I am making my internal struggle external, so I can see it and maybe have an excuse to say, “Yeah, this is why I’m uncomfortable and stressed because of that big problem out THERE.” But really it isn’t out there; it’s in HERE. And when I remember that, then I can get to the real business of healing and setting down the struggle from where it starts.

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  • Kimberley Stern

    My teacher reminded me of this very thing last evening: “Liberation is not a place we get to, it’s not something we work toward. It’s the place you work from.”

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